Pipers Lagoon - Shack Island

6.5 Hours 6 - 12 People

For a great outdoor Paint Out with Peggy

Piper's Lagoon Beach is located near Nanaimo BC. This unique and beautiful space is a popular sightseeing spot and great for hikes and dog-walking. A 2 km trail loops around with viewing benches to sit and paint the breathtaking views of the Georgia Strait and Coastal Mountains flanked with lovely Garry Oaks and arbutus trees. Join Peggy for a 1 Day Paint Out including practical tips on keeping things simple. Your outdoor painting experience goes better by starting with a foundation that gives you confidence while you work in an environment often affected by weather changes. We will explore good planning with a thumbnail sketch and working with a limited value study and palette.

Historic Landmark

The rustic “shacks” of Shack Island often thought to be abandoned are actually used as summer cabins by descendants of the original owners.

Handouts You Keep

This intensive workshop focuses on the fundamentals of Design Elements and Principles that are yours to study.

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“Peggy is able to simplify watercolour painting to suit the beginner or more advanced painter. Her lessons and demos are inspiring. She is able to teach what each individual needs to know.
This class is worth taking as many times as you can!”
Gail Morton
Port Aberni Parks and Recreation- Vancuver Island Canada
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