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Great Deals at Qualicum Art & Craft Supply

Don’t miss this cool sale on now: Buy 5 heavy body 2 oz Golden acrylic tubes and get a free Golden apron. Golden has introduced 10 new colours to their acrylic line. It’s always good to know that Qualicum Art … Read More

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Current Works From Japan

Title: Hayama Japan  Medium: Watercolor Size: 11″ H x 14″ W Price Unframed: $400 Cdn Title: Flower Sale – Zushi Japan Medium: Watercolor Size: 14″ H x 11″ W Price Unframed: $400 Cdn Title: Ready to Sail – Hayama Japan  … Read More

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Kyoto Exhibition – “Walking Through Beauty” Gallery ExaART Success

SOLD – “Kyoto Wagara” by Peggy Burkosky SOLD – “Kamo River Walkway” by Peggy Burkosky I just finished the marvelous experience of touring Kyoto Japan and having a successful solo exhibit at Gallery ExaArt in Kyoto City during Golden Week – … Read More

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Melanie Barnes painting

Costumed Figurative & Portraiture: The Studio in Qualicum Bay

The costumed figurative and portraiture drawing sessions held at The Studio in Qualicum Bay located at 5320 Island Highway W continue to be a popular warm and lovely evening out. Hosted by artist Sheena McCorquodale, the sessions fill quickly and are … Read More

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HOWTO LosAyala, Nayarit Mexico 3 1440

HOW-TO Plein-air Street Scenes in Los Ayala, Nayarit Mexico

Los Ayala is a lovely Pacific seaside village in the region of Nayarit, Mexico – popular with the locals and surrounding city-dwellers as well as a lot of Canadians! Meeting up with watercolor fans, we hit the streets and enjoyed … Read More

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FebMar2017 WC Oil Syllabus+Class Images5 1440

Syllabus: Oil, Watercolor & Portraiture Sessions – The Old School House Arts Centre

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Fishing For Milennials3 1440

An Open Letter to Millennials – Fishing for Millennials

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Portraiture: Linking Shapes & “Painterly” Effects in Dry Medium

Portraiture is an excellent subject for developing the fundamental elements of drawing: value, light and mass. By massing in the largest blocks of tone and linking them together, we now have the opportunity to create lights and darks by erasing … Read More

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Get Started With Watercolor Underpainting Including Basic Techniques

For the sake of simplicity and organization a watercolor can be developed with 3 separate stages. Firstly, a thumbnail sketch which includes an evaluation of values, light source, and a focal point (center of interest) followed by sketching the main … Read More

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Start an Oil Painting: Blocking in Bold and Basic

As we train ourselves to simplify our palette and values in a painting, we need to see shapes in simple identifiable silhouettes or blocks. By massing in the main mid-value shapes and keeping them linked we can lay out a foundation … Read More

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Classic Oil Grisaille (Underpainting)

A classic grisaille underpainting describes form without color and is called the indirect method whereby carefully planned stages develop the painting. Design and composition is the foundation of a painting – without values we can not see form. Simplifying the … Read More

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Drawing & Painting on “Underpainting” Watercolors With Peggy Burkosky

“Autumn Swans” by Peggy Burkosky The watercolor medium is one of the most versatile. We can paint in a highly controlled and detailed “photo-realistic” method, or splash wet and wet color and watch it paint itself before our eyes. I … Read More

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