Portraiture: Linking Shapes & “Painterly” Effects in Dry Medium

Portraiture is an excellent subject for developing the fundamental elements of drawing: value, light and mass. By massing in the largest blocks of tone and linking them together, we now have the opportunity to create lights and darks by erasing … Read More

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Get Started With Watercolor Underpainting Including Basic Techniques

For the sake of simplicity and organization a watercolor can be developed with 3 separate stages. Firstly, a thumbnail sketch which includes an evaluation of values, light source, and a focal point (center of interest) followed by sketching the main … Read More

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Start an Oil Painting: Blocking in Bold and Basic

As we train ourselves to simplify our palette and values in a painting, we need to see shapes in simple identifiable silhouettes or blocks. By massing in the main mid-value shapes and keeping them linked we can lay out a foundation … Read More

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Drawing & Painting on “Underpainting” Watercolors With Peggy Burkosky

“Autumn Swans” by Peggy Burkosky The watercolor medium is one of the most versatile. We can paint in a highly controlled and detailed “photo-realistic” method, or splash wet and wet color and watch it paint itself before our eyes. I … Read More

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Watercolor Street Scene – A Simple Approach

“A la Ville de Lion, France” by Peggy Burkosky 2 Day Watercolor Workshop with Nanaimo Art Group: Watercolor Street Scene: Simplifying Values and Linking Shapes – Limiting Color and Creating Shadows Our 2 day workshop yielded some great results and … Read More

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Painting Street Scenes 2 Day Workshop Aug 30 – 31 TOSH

            Join me for 2 days to explore painting street scenes in watercolor at The Old School House Arts Centre in Qualicum Beach BC Canada. For registration contact 250 752-6133.We will learn simple ways to … Read More

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Plein Air Street Scenes from Kyoto Japan

Entering the streets of Gion, Kyoto is definitely taking a step back in to ancient history where exquisite wood storefronts, elegant teahouses, traditional street lanterns and silk kimonos line every street. This is a place where you can become completely immersed … Read More

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Tucked Away Fabriano1440

Beautiful Light and Shadows in Street Scenes

I had the pleasure of conducting a watercolor demonstration this week at the annual Island Blue Art Fair Sydney location. Working with Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Rough was the perfect surface to describe the textures of this scene. Every street is … Read More

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Finding Perspective in a Harbor Scene

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HOW-TO Demo Watercolor Street Scene with Federation of Canadian Artists Arrowsmith Chapter

Such fun is had by all when we share our talents and especially the good humor of our Arrowsmith Chapter bunch. What a dedicated group of fabulous artists, having just returned from their Quadra Island workshop weekend. Seen here are some … Read More

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HOWTOPerspective02 1440

HOW TO Perspective with Nanaimo Art Group

What a pleasure to be working with such enthusiastic artists so eager to develop their skills. This week we have launched into the foundations of perspective, wanting to paint the landscape with an eye to capture depth of space and … Read More

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IMG_8575 Pointsettias2-1440

HOW TO Watercolor Finishes With Small Darks

Edge quality can be vitally important when finalizing a painting of any sort, especially in watercolor. Keeping the entire work as a “wet in wet” would be soft and lovely having many joined shapes, pleasant but lacking a strong focal … Read More

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