Watercolour Workshop Tokyo – Paint With 3 Colours


Watercolour Workshop Tokyo - Painting With Only 3 Colours!

Title: Escape
Medium: Watercolour on 100% Rag Cotton
Size: 16 in (42 cm) H x 12 in (29.7 cm) W
Not for sale

The elegance of swans and lotus flowers had me inspired to paint in a minimal line and wash technique. The simplicity of a limited palette creates unity and the best glowing colours especially in a watercolour. 

I started with a simple value plan thumbnail sketch. I chose a limited palette of Quinacridone Red, French Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Gold.

Our workshop location at the luxury Latour Central Tower in Shinjuku Tokyo:

This successful workshop was held at the beautiful Latour Central Tower in Shinjuku Tokyo. Designed to accommodate beginner to intermediate painters in watercolour, it was also conducted in an English speaking environment with a team of translators to assist. 

Following our session we had a fun and informative wine and cheese atop the Latour Tower in a beautiful penthouse suite overlooking the Shinjuku Tokyo cityscape. Sharing our gifts and aspirations to paint, we came away with new acquaintances, friendships and information. I learned that there is a classic hand-made paintbrush shop located in Tokyo that I must search out!

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