Ocean Day Zushi Japan Painting Figures in Street Scenes

Ocean Day in Zushi Japan Painting Figures

Japan is a nation which prizes numerous traditions and festivals celebrating family life, nature, culture and so much more. Streets fill with colour, music and traditional food and are a wonderful way to learn about the beautiful Japanese people. I was delighted to take in the recent Ocean Day in Zushi Japan which is located along the Shonan area well known for surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. In Japan old cultural traditions contrast with new and are an artist’s haven.  

How best to paint figures in street scenes?

Watch my video of festive Ocean Day and learn about painting figures in street scenes. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this fascinating country

“Art reveals the power of the intuitive, capturing the reality hiding beneath the culture.” 
― Makoto Fujimura

 Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering

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