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Japan Beckons - Art & Travel

The timing of things is sometimes so inexplicably providential. While currently making preparations for a painting trip to Japan I had the pleasure of being introduced to Japanese exchange student Yukie Shibata who was seeking lessons in watercolour painting while finishing up her studies before returning home. See her finished painting here after her first experience that she has ever had painting in watercolour. 

The influence of Japanese art on the work of Vincent Van Gogh

At the same time as Yukie and I worked together the new release of “Van Gogh and Japan” debuted in our local cinema so of course we couldn’t pass up seeing this remarkable movie. I highly recommend that you check cinemas online to see where you may view or purchase the movie. See trailer here.

Van Gogh & Japan is an utterly beautiful critically acclaimed exhibition at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. The movie features insights from current contemporary Japanese artists. This amazing story features personal letters of Van Gogh, taking us on a journey into his “japonisme” world. 

The film reveals how Japanese society has a fondness for Van Gogh’s work due to the impact that their culture had on him. Please don’t miss it!

Oriental Brush Painting Demonstration

My Solo Exhibition in Osaka Japan

Title: Kouyou in Canada
Medium: Watercolour on 100% Rag Cotton
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In my May exhibition at Gallery ExaART in Osaka Japan I was requested to do images of Canada. Of course our Japanese maples are well known and decorate our landscapes and are an excellent subject for watercolour painting. My frequent travels to Japan began with our son moving there 15 years ago, yet prior to him making such a big move I have always been drawn to paint in a classic style reminiscent of asian brushwork. 

It is an exciting and mysterious journey that I know God is taking me on, this affinity for Japan and its art forms. There is such elegance and minimalism in their design and I have an insatiable desire to explore it and share what I’m learning along the way. 

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” 
― Vincent Willem van Gogh

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