Painting Portraits in Oils 2 Day Workshop Sept 11, 12 2019

Painting Portraits in Oils 2 Day Workshop Sept 11,12 2019

Join Peggy and get ready to delve in to a 2 day intensive portraiture painting workshop at THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE ARTS CENTRE in Qualicum Beach BC Canada 

Work at Your Craft, Find Your Place

This oil painting is from our model Chanel at the Cathouse Studio in Qualicum BC Canada in a 2 hour sitting. Quiet beauty. 

It pays off to find local painting groups that host painting space and models. It doesn’t take long to network and find your niche. 

For example, this featured painting and many other accomplished pieces were exhibited during the April 2019 Arts Guide & Studio Tour event at the Cathouse Gallery. Artist Sheena McCorquodale, owner of the Cathouse Studios and Galleries is dedicated to arranging models on a weekly basis. It’s a rewarding experience to hang out with other artists, find out about shows, tutorials, and tons of other information shared amongst us. Here’s a sneak peek of our love of painting models!

Title: Pensive Chanel
Medium: Oil on Gallery Canvas
Image Size: 304 mm (12 in) H x 406 mm (16 in) W
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What supplies are needed for oil portraiture?


Oil Painting Supply List


Portable stand up or desk easel if you have one – The Old School House Arts Centre stores some easels in the classroom (infrequently in use for displays but most often available) and you are welcome to use them

Palette – Your preference

Brushes – Hog bristle recommended – 3 flats approximate sizes # 4, 12, 20; 3 rounds approximate sizes # 4, 12, 20; 2 extra-large flats for backgrounds, one soft hair and one bristle; soft-hair rounds for fine details; approximate size # 6 rigger

Canvas – Artists quality recommended – stretched canvas, canvas panels and/or prepared sealed wood panels with 3 coats gesso preferably 8” x 10” or larger

Paint – Artists quality recommended – If you have not made any purchases for oil paint it is recommended that *3 basic primaries (Alizarin Crimson Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium, and French Ultramarine Blue) plus *Titanium White are a good start. The workshop is taught primarily with a limited palette for exceptional color mixing and other information covered in the sessions. All other pigments in the following list are my personal choices however not required for the workshop:

*Titanium White
– *Cadmium Yellow Medium

– Cadmium Orange
– Cadmium Red
*Alizarin Crimson
– Yellow Ochre Light
– Transparent Oxide Red
– Viridian
– Cobalt Blue
*French Ultramarine Blue


Palette knife – trowel shaped

Linseed Oil

Galkyd or Liquin – alkyd mediums for fast drying

Mineral SpiritsOdorless please including 2 jars with lids to recycle mineral spirits

Rags / Baby wipes / Tissues / Paper Towels – Viva is great

Sketch pad

Disposable gloves / Smock

Soft graphite pencils – 4B or 6B

Thin Vine Charcoal

FALL 2019 CLASSES (Registration Open Now):
Continuing its history of providing learning experiences, The Old School House Arts Centre offers a full schedule of art classes in the winter and fall. These classes are complemented by workshops conducted throughout the year and a summer school program. All are taught by professional teaching artists.

These learning experiences are an important part of The Old School House mandate, as they promote participation in and enjoyment of artistic endeavour for all age groups.

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