Classic Portraits at the Cathouse Gallery Qualicum BC Canada

Classic Portraits at the Cathouse Gallery Qualicum BC Canada

Title: Diana
Medium: Oil / Charcoal on Gallery Canvas
Image Size: H 304 mm (12 in) x W 406 mm (16 in)

Group Exhibition May 24 – 26 2019
Cathouse Gallery Qualicum BC Canada

5320 Island Hwy, West
Qualicum Beach, BC

In conjunction with the 

How did I paint this portrait?

Working from a live model at the Cathouse Studio sessions, we adjust the lighting with warm and cool lamps. With an hour long sitting, we work in the medium of our choice. I enjoy working in vine charcoal on canvas, creating a classic grisaille with the dark, middle and light values. This sketch serves well for my own studio time later where I can work at my own pace.

The grisaille is sprayed with fixative and awaits oil glazes and/or opaque layers. Before I begin to work in the “fatter” glazes, washes and thicker impasto layers, I work with thin ‘lean” washes of oil paint and paint thinner, getting loose effects of movement. I choose to leave much of the portrait sketch and tool marks as a contrast to the more developed painted areas. This allows for variety in design.

I enjoy working in a limited palette – in this case Cobalt Blue, Terra Rosa (Iron Oxide) and Cadmium Yellow Light. I like the viscosity of Galkyd Medium which creates a nice flow for glazes and speeds up the drying time. 

“We do not want merely to see beauty . . . We want something else which can hardly be put into words – to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.” 
C.S. Lewis – 1949

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