Ultimate Painting Trip With THE TRAVELLING BRUSH


Talk about the Perfect Art Experience in the last post discussion on art destination travelling and marketing, how can I not be excited about my highlight of the year: May 2018 I join  The Travelling Brush and their upcoming Croatia painting excursion.

Travelling Brush is a wonderful example of how here on the west coast of British Columbia CANADA many artists and artisans live in locations with facilities well-suited to hosting art holidays and tours. Some are already well established full-on businesses in world-class locations. Mark Glavina’s Travelling Brush is no exception with a super art supply and workshop business in Steveston BC CANADA. He is an exemplary art instructor and artist hosting and teaching workshops in Steveston BC CANADA plus an experienced guide to some of the most fascinating international painting tours you could hope for on the planet. GUATAMALA, CUBA, CHINA, BALI, COLUMBIA, PERU …  the list goes on:

These are bucket-list tours providing excellent art instruction and well worth an artist’s investment that can be a game-changer in your life. HOW TO PACK is important, and Mark holds info / orientation meeting nights for each of his trips. Check out his upcoming tours to book well in advance. I’ll be posting more on this exciting trip…


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