Are YOU the Perfect Art Experience Destination?


Good news for artists! Surely you’ve noticed the new trend that consumers are looking for: experience. It’s not just the millenials that prefer buying organic and fair trade, swapping their luxury goods for sustainable ones and searching for experiences that enhance their lives rather than material goods. Many that have reached their “retirement” phase are ready, aimed and waiting for life to be lived to the full.

Travel and activity tours are exploding across the globe with many that go beyond just exploring the art, history, culture, authentic food and wine of each area. Since tourism is a product it is essential to promote the “good experience” of it, and for this reason travelling and picking up the best of the regions is becoming part of the destination-marketing plan. Here’s where artists and artisans can flourish, either going on art holidays and tours or hosting events themselves. Here on the west coast of British Columbia CANADA many artists and artisans live in locations with facilities well-suited to hosting art holidays and tours. Some are already well established full-on businesses in world-class locations.
Whether they are funky or designer, they’re all about providing authentic experienced art instruction.

It is stone-age to think that your business can grow without on-line presence and social media marketing, however here is where the topic becomes daunting and eyes glaze over. Who has the time, education and admitted inexperience to jump in and build a website or struggle at the mercy of a web designer that you hope will “just do it” for you? You’re too busy creating great stuff right?
I am very excited to hear about TourismBuilder, a system that helps you effortlessly build a global destination website with all the bells and whistles needed specifically for art destinations, facilities and tours. The New Version is about to be launched, and yes really it is FREE for 90 days with no strings attached, no commitments, just plain test-drive. Check this out …


TourismBuilder New Version Coming Soon!


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