Kyoto Exhibition – “Walking Through Beauty” Gallery ExaART Success


“Kyoto Wagara” by Peggy Burkosky

“Kamo River Walkway” by Peggy Burkosky
I just finished the marvelous experience of touring Kyoto Japan and having a successful solo exhibit at Gallery ExaArt in Kyoto City during Golden Week – a favorite long holiday where people flood out of the larger city centers and head for the hills so to speak. From historical destination spots to hundreds of quaint and quieter towns, vacationers fill up the streets and enjoy the changing spring season.

What a delight to tour and paint in these streets! Originally the capital of Japan, Kyoto is one of the few cities that escaped the allied bombings of World War II. As a result, Kyoto still has an abundance of prewar buildings, such as the traditional townhouses known as machiya especially in the Gion District. This city is full of hidden surprises and retains to this day the reputation as the most beautiful city of Japan with hundreds of temples, shrines, palaces and exquisite parks and gardens.

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