Watercolor Street Scene – A Simple Approach


“A la Ville de Lion, France” by Peggy Burkosky


2 Day Watercolor Workshop with Nanaimo Art Group:
Watercolor Street Scene: Simplifying Values and Linking Shapes – Limiting Color and Creating Shadows
Our 2 day workshop yielded some great results and fun learning as we studied how to find simple one-point perspective. One of the main goals of this workshop was to plan an underpainting of linked shapes in a middle value. This one linked shape serves as the foundation ready for the darks and details.
This workshop offered an opportunity to review perspective drawing with the group using good drawing skills that they already have. We find that it isn’t necessary to draw too many details at first and simply establish where the horizon line is (eye level). By referring to familiar shapes and sizes such as cars and doorways we can get an idea of scale and just how high to make figures. Once we determine how high the figures are in the scene, we know where the eye level is and thus the horizon.

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