HOW TO Perspective with Nanaimo Art Group

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HOWTOPerspective02 1440 HOWTOPerspective01 1440
What a pleasure to be working with such enthusiastic artists so eager to develop their skills. This week we have launched into the foundations of perspective, wanting to paint the landscape with an eye to capture depth of space and mood.

Lighting is important, observing the strength of the light source and the shadows that they cast. We find that it is important to utilize the texture of the support that we’re painting on – in this case Fabriano Artistico Rough 140 lb. – a great paper for street scenes! It turns out that some of the Nanaimo Art Group work with this paper and have discovered it’s performance. I look forward to this week as we hit the streets with a plein air paint-out in the inspiring streets of Nanaimo British Columbia Canada.

Some basic materials for our paint-out can include:
– Basic palette: Blue, red, yellow (my palette is typically French ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, raw sienna, cadmium yellow light, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, quinacridone red – try and limit your palette – less is more
– Water jug for painting, drinking water and disposing of dirty water after painting
– Plastic bag which can be used as a garbage bag and / or a rain shield
– Paper towels
– Layered clothing
– Disposable paper palette (if you work in acrylics
– Cups for holding water while painting
– Camera
– Brushes
– Pencils, sketch pad, charcoal for thumbnail sketches
– If painting in oils, medium and containers
– Clips and / or tape to fasten watercolor paper to lightweight board / support
– If there is no convenient place to sit bring a fold up stool and portable easel or way to support your project on your lap


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