Great Deal on Qor Watercolor

Cobalt blue web ad

Cobalt blue web ad
Painting with Golden’s Qor Artist Quality Watercolor has become a rewarding discovery for me and it truly is a pleasure to work with. Golden has developed this paint to be vibrant and intense. This product was introduced as having a unique formulation that “accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying.” Not one to just go by hearsay, I wanted to experiment and now it’s in my palette for good! Watercolor is known to dry to a lighter value than what you see while the paint is wet. I would say that what I enjoy most about this paint is its unique characteristic of retaining the values.

Lucky for us mid-islanders Qualicum Art Supply in Qualicum Beach provides Qor Watercolor and is currently offering Golden’s Qor for quite the deal! Buy 3 and get Cobalt Blue for free! That seriously is a good deal to me since I’m always in need of Cobalt Blue.

The Gallery at Qualicum Art Supply & Qualicum Stationers Ltd.
101-206 First Avenue West, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 2P7
Gallery: (250) 752-3471  Store: (250) 752-1712  Fax: (250) 752-1668

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