Qualicum Art Supply Success at DeCosmos Painting Society

Bonnie & Peggy

Bonnie & Peggy
It was great fun to work with such an enthusiastic crowd at the February DeCosmos Painting Society Demo through an invitation by Bonnie Luchtmeijer of Qualicum Art Supply and Gallery:

“Peggy amazed audiences at Thursday’s watercolour demonstration. The DeCosmos event attracted the largest audience ever had by the MAC, exceeding the studio gallery’s seating capacity. Over the course of an hour, she spoke to artists and art students giving instruction on watercolour painting. During the duration of the class, under view of a large overhead mirror, she composed a new watercolour piece with the subtlety and detail for which her paintings are known.

Prior to the demonstration, Brendan Wood, our Canadian art supplies distributor, gave an informative presentation on the new art products used by Peggy. Attendees took home samples of QoR Watercolours, Fabriano paper and art cards of Peggy’s printed by Qualicum Stationers.”

To see more of Peggy’s work, please visit our gallery. Open Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm and Sat from 10am-4pm.

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