Watercolor Demo by Peggy Burkosky Thurs Feb 18, 1 PM – DeCosmos Fine Arts Society

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The DeCosmos Arts Society will host my demonstration of watercolor painting this coming Thursday, February 18th at 1 pm located at McMillan Arts Centre “the MAC” 133 McMillan Street Parksville BC. On behalf ofDeCosmos Arts Society Logo Qualicum Art Supply & Gallery (owner Bonnie Luchtmeijer) I will be using the new QoR watercolors by Golden, the new Kazan brushes and Fabriano watercolor paper. Brendon Wood, the Canadian distributor for all three products will be in attendance. Bonnie will follow with a short discussion on making art cards and portfolio pages from your paintings. There will be some samples of the watercolor paper and cards.

Goldens’ new QoR watercolors are quickly becoming a popular in-demand pigment with their new formulation which features all the flow and transparency of traditional watercolor. They are made with a unique polymer binder called Aquazol, which is exclusive to QoR. My experience with this product is that it has every bit as good a pigment strength and flow as comparable professional artists quality watercolor. This pigment seems to remain as brilliant after it dries as when it is wet and does not seem to fade.

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