HOW TO Oil Painting Glazes & Washes

HOW TO Glazes &  Washes
HOW TO Glazes &  Washes
Altering the support surface with medium or layers of oil paint can make interesting grounds for subsequent glazes and
washes in oil painting. If you are interested in making your surface appear semi-abstract and enjoy the looseness that this effect produces this is the technique for you. In the early stages of planning your painting you might consider leaving the focal point area of the painting unaltered and smooth, while less “in focus” areas can be built up with texture. Glazes are highly effective when brushed over a textured surface.
Our tutorial explains the different ways to apply either a thinned wash of opaque paint or thinned glaze of translucent paint. Make sure what the properties of your color are – is it an opaque? This will cause a milky effect. Is it a transparent? This is the best for glowing glazes.
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