So Many Ways to Paint a Tree in Watercolors!

HOW TO DigbyIslandTreesinWC

HOW TO DigbyIslandTreesinWC
Regardless of brush-work or contrived ways that we might describe the shape of a tree, it is so helpful to break the study down into values first, so here we have tree shapes studied in terms of darks, mid-values and lights. If we think ahead and preserve the white or light areas by way of masking fluid or better still painting “around” the light shapes with our brush, this sets the stage for applying the dark and mid values.
Watercolor can be painted in controlled shapes that are left to dry or wet into wet ways where we wait for the results of pigment interacting with water. Trees are one of those subjects where watercolor can shine.
The treatment of edges in painting is such a powerful and important element. Hard and soft edges helps the eye move through the painting, allowing the main subjects to integrate with the surrounding areas. Painting the movement of water is achieved quite easily by utilizing wet and dry areas on the paper such as the accompanying demo here of surf (Step #6).

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