HOW-TO Watercolor Drills For a Great Start

Basic Watercolor Drills

HOW TO WatercolorDrillsNov3-Dec8 2015
Watercolor’s spontaneity captivates us and it is enjoyable to simply splash around with paint and water, enjoying the myriad of shapes and textures that evolve with pigment following in the path of water. Exploring the ratios of water to paint and how they either slowly crawl or explode across the page results in rewarding surprises. Learning the foundations of what watercolor actually can do sets the stage for very loose work or highly controlled. It’s up to you!
This week as we play with the drills we discover how much control and lack of control we have over this elusive medium. Glazing, lifting ¬†and dry-brush has more control while gradation and wet-in-wet has a mind of its own! Work with a limited palette and discover the remarkable amount of colors and neutrals that can be created out of three simple primaries. Work at creating “rich darks” that harmonize with the painting.
Basic Watercolor Drills

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