National Art Museum Ikki Kai Exhibition Award 2015 – Tokyo Japan

Ikki Kai 2015 Awards Ceremony

Day of Promise
“Day of Promise” by Peggy Burkosky – National Art Museum Ikki Kai Exhibition 2015

I look forward to this annual event and am delighted to receive the 2015 Ikki Kai Exhibition Honorable Mention Award at the National Art Museum in Tokyo Japan. I enjoy submitting pieces to this exhibit that have fishing vessels and harbors themes, similar to those of the west coast of British Columbia. Japan and Western Canada share a common Pacific Ocean heritage. It is fascinating to visit the coastal towns and islands of Japan where they live out a simple existence, still relying upon the sea.
In these sea towns the older generation has remarkable health and it is not uncommon for people in their 80s and 90s to continue living vibrantly. The smaller communities have developed programs which integrate the elders with school children. They share games, activities and stories which enrich the children and add life to the older citizens who often fight loneliness. A new generation of entrepreneurs are revisiting the coastal towns and creating eco-tours, kayaking, art and craft lessons, cooking lessons and more.
Ikki Kai 2015 Awards Ceremony
And here is my connect to the amazing land of Japan – our son Evan Burkosky, eAgency SEO Consultant Agency Sales Manager living in Tokyo, standing in to collect my award at the ceremony. He has enriched our lives by introducing us to the lifestyle, culture and of course fabulous cuisine of Japan!

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