Fabriano in Aquarello 2015 Catalog



River Drift
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Fabriano in Aquarello / Canadian Artist – As a Canadian artist invited to participate in the 2015 Fabriano in Aquarello International Watercolor event in Fabriano Italy, it is my pleasure to be published in the 2015 catalog. This exquisite catalog displays award winning water-colorists from nearly 40 countries. The event was held in the historical paper making city of Fabriano Italy where world famous hand made papers are manufactured from the 1600s to this day. Museums and historical sites hosted the various countries’ exhibits. It was fascinating to view the delicate to bold work from so many outstanding artists from every region. Work from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Transcontinental countries and Africa … sweet delicate florals from Iran, bold street scenes from Turkey, and “favaloso” portraits from Italy. This event was a remarkable example of how art is a universal language – speech without words, conveying the heart. The Canadian art pieces are displayed beginning on p 688 and my painting is on p 691. Enjoy!  Fabriano in Aquarello 2015 Catalog

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