• About Peggy

About Peggy - Peggy Painting Daffodil RoomPeggy Burkosky is a traditional watercolor, illustrator and charcoal/conte portrait artist. Her work is exhibited throughout Canada, USA, England, Italy, and Japan. She received training in commercial design and illustration in the corporate sign industry in Vancouver Canada, and designed for corporations for over a twelve year period from 1973 to 1985. She has had extensive training in watercolor painting and portraiture including workshops at the Federation of Canadian Artists workshops, Metchosin School of the Arts and FabrianoinAquarello (Fabriano in Watercolor) International symposium workshops in Fabriano Italy (2015). She is a painting and drawing instructor internationally, residing in Canada where she predominantly teaches at The Old School House Arts Centre in British Columbia as well as Government Parks and Recreation programs and local painting groups on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. She has received awards from 1984 to 2015 including the following:

  • 2015: “FabrianoinAquarello” (Fabriano in Watercolor) International Exhibit, Fabriano ITALY
  • 2014: Tokyo National Art Museum JAPAN – People’s Choice and New Face awards
  • Ikki-kai Exhibition; Hokkaido JAPAN – Gold Award Ikki- Kai Division
  • 2013: Solo Exhibit – The Old School House Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach CANADA
  • 2010: TOSH Masters – The Old School House Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach CANADA
  • 2005 – 2010: Solo Exhibits – The Old School House Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach CANADA
    1992 – 2005:
  • Vancouver Island CANADA Brant Festival Art Exhibitions 1st Place, Honorable Mentions and People’s Choice Awards
  • Work selected for Joint Exhibition of Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolor
    (ENGLAND) and Federation of Canadian Artists at Frye Art Museum, Seattle USA and CANADA
  • House Gallery in London ENGLAND
  • Work selected and presented to Lieutenant Governor David Lam at the Qualicum
  • Beach CANADA 50th Anniversary Commemoration
  • Federation of Canadian Artists “People’s Choice” Awards CANADA
  • District/Regional Juried Shows and Awards – North Vancouver, Tsawwassen,
  • Parksville/Qualicum British Columbia CANADA

Peggy works predominantly in watercolours as well as traditional charcoal /conte and oils in flowing, illuminated passages, combining loose and elegant tool marks and brushwork with vitality and restraint, designing with details as the focal point. She teaches with an emphasis on good design principles and a limited colour palette.

Active Member
  • About Peggy - Fabriano - ItalyFederation of Canadian Artists
  • Ikki-Kai Artists Society JAPAN and Ranki-Kai Artists Society Hokkaido Japan
  • Northwest Watercolor Society
  • International Watercolor Society Japan / Canada
Watercolor Painting and Instruction

About Peggy - Garden-BoughsMy design background and training comes alive when I’m painting and when I’m demonstrating there is great satisfaction in sharing about the remarkably simple palette that one can work from to create glowing watercolor passages with vitality. I never tire of teaching the principles and components of good design. Passing on the knowledge of how to communicate your inspiration and how to use the tools is a privilege. I’m the sort of person that wants to immediately tell others what I’ve learned and it’s so natural that I can’t explain that desire. I think most people are like that, being part of community and bouncing ideas off one another. I find that if I keep my focus on the needs of others rather than how I’m ‘performing’ it becomes a win-win for everyone. It takes the burden off and changes the atmosphere.

  • Establishing Foundations

Establishing foundations in painting is like anything you’re building – start strong and confidence is maintained right through to the end. In a group setting where design principles and elements are built upon there is a dynamic that begins to take place. None of us seem to tire of reviewing these principles as they’re being shared with new learners. Workshops and classes seem to evolve into a ‘family’ setting where the ‘older siblings’ want to encourage the younger and it is so satisfying to see that play out. Everyone seems to settle into their own corner and be themselves for a while – it’s rewarding to enter into that space to see what I can share or encourage.

Watercolor painting can go from ‘tranquil absorbed’ to ‘panic fix’ in a heartbeat. It’s a relief to suddenly whip out of your back pocket the perfect arrow to shoot the target, but sometimes you can be left helpless and defeated. Then it goes in to the ‘later’ pile. Completely normal. That can work though, because revisiting it later can yield a fresh new vantage point and approach. Like ‘why didn’t I think of that before?’” I heard it recently said that composers of music often dream of writing that perfect successful symphony or music script for a movie or play, and of course second guess themselves at times … the ‘what if it fails?’ demon that sits on our shoulder at times. So what if it succeeds? Whatever the reason is that drives us to create, at least we’ve had fun trying.

A recent student blessed me with the following rewarding comment:

‘I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in a painting workshop this past year with Peggy Burkosky.  My experience of Peggy was that she was quite a remarkable instructor as she taught both intermediate and beginner students in the same class that I attended.  The energy in the class was calm, comfortable, and inviting.  She held the expectation that all of us could paint whatever assignment she gave in class, even though we were all with different levels of skill.  It was my first experience painting and the very first time that I had ever held a paint brush in my hand.  She seemed to be most supportive of this process for me.  I was also impressed with the manner in which she graciously provided each student with positive and constructive feedback.  She teaches the technical merits of painting, uses humour in her presentations, and most importantly encourages everyone to have fun.  She shared her personal skill of painting by always painting beautiful creations in class, which was very helpful for those of us that find it easier and helpful to learn from a “visual” perspective.  Even though Peggy was my first experience as a painting instructor and I have no other teacher to compare her to, my rating of her teaching style would be a “5 star”.  I highly recommend her workshops and I am most definitely looking forward to attending more of her classes in the future.’ – Taymarah K. Centanni – Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

That’s about as rewarding as it gets!”
– PeggyBurkosky

“Peggy is so easy to work with, she is easy going, kind and encourages exploration.  In the courses I took, Peggy included elements of teaching basic concepts such as elements of design, information about paints and colours, and papers and lots of “hands-on” teaching.  She would help students who were “blocked” and didn’t know where to go next with a painting by working directly with them without ever taking over.  She encourages creativity and is always a lovely presence in the classroom.  Loved having Peggy as an instructor. I also found that I could take the same class over and still keep learning because she always works with the student at the level they are at. Glad to recommend Peggy Burkosky! – Ruth Bowker, Qualicum Beach Canada

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